Group Overview

Vantone Real Estate is a pioneering contributor to China's urban planning and construction, a witness to the rise of national capital market. Listed on Shanghai stock exchange for over 20 years (600246.SH), Vantone is dedicated to real estate investment and development, real estate operation and management, industrial finance research and operation to fully empower cities with advanced and strategic solutions.

In 2020, Vantone Real Estate was officially renamed into "Vantone NeoDev Group". With forward-looking vision and competence in integrating resources and developing products, Vantone had expanded its positioning in urban renewal and operations. Creating new possibilities for the cities, transforming at a speed, writing the new chapter of success.


Corporate Memorabilia

Major Shareholders

Jiahua Holdings
Jiahua Holdings, the controlling shareholder of Vantone (formerly known as Xian Feng Liang Nong), led Vantone went public in 2000. In 2002, Jiahua Holdings transferred its controlling shares of Vantone Real Estate to Feng Lun and became the second largest shareholder. In 2016, Jiahua Holdings from Feng Lun and became the only controlling shareholder of Vantone Real Estate and its parent company Vantone Holdings Group till now.
Feng Lun became a shareholder
Feng Lun
In 2002, Feng Lun joined Vantone Real Estate and became the controlling shareholder. In 2016, he transferred all the shares of Vantone Real Estate and its parent company Vantone Holdings to Jiahua Holdings. Feng Lun fully withdrew from Vantone related businesses.
Feng Lun resigned from Vantone
GLP became a shareholder.
In May 2019, GLP joined Vantone Real Estate and became the third largest shareholder till now.


Corporate Milestones


Founding of Vantone

Vantone was established by Feng Lun and other six partners
Establishment of Vantone Holdings
The six partners split, Feng Lun partnered with Wang Yihui

Vantone Goes Public

Beijing Xianfeng Agriculture Industry Co., Ltd. led by Wang Yihui landed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange
Feng Lun joined Xianfeng Agriculture, renamed to Xianfeng Real Estate, and became its controlling shareholder
Xianfeng Real Estate renamed to Vantone Real Estate

Shareholders Alteration

Jiahua Holdings, led by Wang Yihui, increased its capital by 3.1 billion RMB and became the controlling shareholder of Vantone Real Estate; Jiahua Holdings was granted a full stake in Vantone Holdings held by Feng Lun; Feng Lun withdrew from Vantone
In May, GLP became the third largest shareholder of Vantone Real Estate
In December, the corporate management team was joined by young, innovative and global-minded team members

Vantone Transforming

In June, Mr. Mei Zhiming, co-founder and CEO of GLP, was appointed as the Director and the Chairman of Strategy Committee of Vantone
On July 29, Vantone Real Estate officially changed its name to Vantone NeoDev Group, marking a new development chapter
In September, Sensetime, a world's leading AI company, became one of the top 10 shareholders of Vantone
Vantone keeps innovating and transforming with its new team and unique shareholders' resources advantage

New Strategy & New Business


Beijing Vantone Center

LEED Gold precertification

Shanghai Vantone Center

LEED Gold precertification

Hangzhou Vantone Center

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Vantone V01

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Tianjin Vantone Center

LEED Gold precertification

Neo Vantone


Strategic Planning

Vantone is committed to innovative development. After years of transformation, with a strong foothold in high-end property management and operations in the core areas of first-tier cities, Vantone relies on a professional team and its shareholders support to become an industry player of distinctive resources and capabilities.

In response to the guideline of  "urban renewal implementation" outlined in the 14th Five Year Plan and aspired to brighten the urban happiness, Vantone holds an ambition to become a future-oriented expert in urban regeneration projects operation. With sustainable development as the goal and market-led innovation in mind, Vantone is guided by new cultural and consumption trends promoting industrial upgrade through technological and green economy advancements.

Management Team


Team Introduction

The Vantone management team is a collective of globally-minded highly-skilled professionals who graduated from top ranking universities in China and abroad, including Cambridge University, King's College London, University of the Arts London, Syracuse University, University of Bath, University of Liverpool, Peking University, Tsinghua University, University of Hong Kong, Renmin University of China, Fudan University, Tongji University, Central Academy of Fine Arts, Communication University of China, Central University of Finance and Economics and others.
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Experience & Competence

The new team stands out with its global visionary mindset and comprehensive experience across the whole value chain of investment, operation management and sustainable urban development. The team members boast solid professional experience in top-level urban design, urban devising, urban planning, urban ecology, urban operation, urban renewal, urban tourism, consumption upgrading and industry-city integration across Mainland China, Hong Kong and Macao. The team is highly competent in management and operation of new culture and tourism projects, international entertainment business, large-scale entertainment complexes, leisure shopping villages and cultural performances. The team has proven to be experts in urban renewal, asset revitalisation, activation and upgrade across Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Macao.

Urban Development Research Center

Solutions to Improve Urban Life