Vantone is breaking boundaries to introduce unique experiential and immersive consumption scenarios to diversify the cultural tourism industry with night entertainment concepts.more

Cultural Tourism, Boundless Experiences

Travel Destinations
Vitality Hotspots
Customized Experiences


  • Music
  • Sports
  • Global
  • Culture
  • Night Economy
  • Place

Entertainment Business, Ongoing Excitement

New LOHAS Community
IP Concepts Operation
Traffic & Resources Cumulation


  • Celebrities
  • Enter-tainment
  • Interaction
  • Art
  • Services
  • New Experiences

Vantone is innovating to align with new youth culture, forming a diversified portfolio of unique IP concepts to reflect its experiential, interactive and aesthetic offering.more

Mixed Use

Office&Retail Convergence
Industry Cluster Growth
Human-Focused Business
Creative Shared Spaces

Creating a "Vantone model" that utilises brand value and product quality to bring together contemporary art, retail and smart business operations achieving a balance between workplace efficiency and premium lifestyle.


  • Profe-ssional
  • Life style
  • Com-munity
  • Upgrade
  • Manag-ment
  • Industry